Our Pastor



   It is a great pleasure to share my testimony with you all. As I was born and brought up by a nominal and traditional Christian family, I could not see  Christ and was not led into the salvation which resulted in a sinful & wicked life.

      I was the fourth child to my parents, yet, by His grace I could complete my studies to Post Graduation (M.S.W in HRM) despite many struggles. While I was searching a job after my graduation, amazingly & providentially, my gracious God led me to visit my aunt who was regularly attending a nearby church (Reformed Baptist Church, believing 1689 confession of faith). I also happily joined her in all church meetings. One day Lord God Almighty met me and broke my heart deeply as the pastor of the church, Dr. David Elangovan was preaching earnestly. Then I surrendered my all to the heavenly Father. Since then I could see a growing interest and an intense appetite for biblical truth. It was a great blessing in my life that I could see a right church to live according to the standard of the scripture.

       After becoming a member of that church, under the leadership of earnest preacher, Dr. David Elangovan, God used me in all church ministries and I was blessed, encouraged, and edified day by day. As I was constantly nourished by the words of God, my heart possessed an unshakable confidence in the divine authorship and the supernatural character of the sacred scripture.

     It was during this time, that the Lord opened my eyes to the horrible errors of the Pentecostal and Traditional teaching. Since then I have gone through tremendous variation in my understanding of the Christian life, God, Church, Worship, Holiness, Humility, Sin, Repentance  and Faith. I am so thankful to the Lord, that I have been guided by the infallible and eternal truth of God, which was proclaimed by the great reformers and puritans who lived and died for the truth.

       By His providence, my heavenly Father, called me to do His work in March 2003 and  I was trained by my church Pastor from 2003 to 2009.  Since 2010, I have been a Pastor of a small church, which was pioneered and labored by Dr. David Elangovan located at Kolli Hills. It is a small hill range  in central Tamil Nadu in the Namakkal district. The mountains are about 1370 m in height and cover an area of approximately 280 km². These hills are in the Southern part of the Eastern Ghats, which is a tribal mountain with 14 village Panchayats, 310 hamlets and a population of approximately 60,000. It has desperately needy people who are fully drowned in evil practices, myths and idol worship. At this juncture, I would  like to say that the love of God, which was shown and shared among this needy souls way back in 1913 by Godly couple Jesseman Brand & Evelyn Brand, travelled from U.K and reached this undeveloped & unpropitious place with a burden for the souls and  labored  for the Lord until their death.

        Therefore, with the background of this remarkable, memorable and God-glorifying history, we as a family, are laboring here for the Lord and spreading the gospel of sovereign grace and  Christ – exalting truth with a aim of winning many needy souls for His Kingdom and  glory.

         Please pray for my family, blessed with my wife, Johannah Edison and three daughters, Evelyn Grace, Amy Grace, and Ida Grace.